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Menko ekuin : sri mulyani
Mendag : marie elka pangestu
Menperin : zulkifliemansyah
Menkeu : Faisal Basri
Kepala BKPM : M luthfi
Kepala Bappenas : chatib basri

Menkokesra : Bachtiar Chamsah
Menteri Sosial : Shohibul Imam
Menteri percepatan pembangunan indonesia timur : Irman Gusman
Menteri pertanian : Mustafa Abu bakar

Influential figure

This guy is amazing. he might be one of the next john bates medal, considering he is only 30 years old, he still has 9 years 11 months 29 days to create more influential articles. His PhD in harvard is about rethinking risk aversion measurement

last time I check he was still a prof in Berkeley, that was two months ago, he get a PhD in Harvard when he was 24, and now on the age of 30 he is a Prof in Harvard. He wrote papers like eating snack, get published in AER several times already in 2009. I can say no more.

Indonesian politics winner : Behavioral economist

Recent political movement in Jakarta, here and here The fact that SBY, JK, and MS is giving an essential proof of prospect theory . Democrat Party as the incumbent strongly hesitates in choosing VP for SBY, JK is doubtful due to its political manouver recently, not to mention "the Bakrie's connection effect", it is risky for SBY to "gamble"on these two names, since lot's of people despises these conglomerates condemning them being voraciously use their political position in expanding their Business. While JK and MS seems not to care too much on their images (well, if any..) the two are now closely intact, while both golkar and PDIP have always been in cold war eversince the new era.

prospect theory predicts that people in good condition tends to be risk averse, and people in bad condition tend to be risk neutral/less risk averse. SBY as the incumbent supported by the winning party on legislative election is in a good mood, while JK and MS are on a desperate mood.

the long and winding road..

I had a seminar with Prof.Paserman from Boston University today, and I was just amazed by his ability to exploit data in empirical work on labour and migration. And so I decided to google his name in case something interesting come up. And there it is something funny, unthinkable, as well as encouraging for me.

the full paper is here

Mercury free gold Mining

I ran across this video on youtube

its about the danger of gold mining using mercury, for me its a surprising as well as intriguing fact
that government action hardly had any effect in prohibiting the use of mercury.

State bans on mercury use is not the answer, people need simply an alternative. Why people can't understand this simple fact?. We made progress on making abandoning fuel subsidy, but still we use such primitive coercion power on mercury bans?

the ministry of environment put a disappointing point while saying that they already put some pressures on large miners about the use of mercury by the state of law. Actually what trouble me the most is the small gold miners, who's digging gold from the pond of mercury left by the old gold miners. why? first because these workers has hardly enough benefit from gold extracting, second, nevertheless they face larger danger on mercury exposure.

In addition people working with the large gold miners could afford for health care and pension funds, and how about these poor people excavating gold using mercury on their bare hands?

I wonder when people might mass produce these kind of alternatives? or this with the great need of substitution goods , and the amount of money invested in gold excavation, may be some researcher from the BPPT could get some money by buying this and put it in mass production?

or may be they did it already,get bored and just too busy to invent some more cool and fancy stuff? and forgot to mass produce?

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