Rodrik for president

this guy is magnificent, this morning I read his 2006's Harvard mimeo paper this is one of the best paper I have ever read about Development policies..very smooth flow of writing, compact but very thoroughly in some details ,critical, but full of logic.

Wow. I was astonished with the paper, how it dismantled the augmented Washington consensus
at first, I think John williamson's revised WC would be good enough, but no, rodrik explains it better.. personally, i'll vote him for president of WB, or may be replacing monsieur Bourguignon?
Had I been Sby, I'll contact Rodrik first for suggestions, than fernando de soto..

or may be Rodrik for president in our republic? I'm talking non-sense

hmm..did I?

update :
Arya gaduh post the much shorter resume of the paper


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