short sighted or domestic love bias?

few days ago, a friend criticized lack of our country's labor absorbing power , blaming this as the source of the large flow of illegal Indonesian workers abroad. another friend, who's an expat here in france, was kinda saying the same thing couple of days back.

will never share the same idea with them, ever!
their deductions have lots of flaws everywhere, what were they thinking?

First, we need to see this world as a whole of opportunity, of working, socializing, getting higher salary, higher satisfaction in life, avoiding traffic-jam, etc, lots of incentive to move to other countries. we should not have limited the scope

Second, about people becoming illegal workers, what's the problem? do they want to be illegal workers in the first place? no, I don't think so, thus comparing it, or even worse,blaming it to the lack of job demand effect in home countries would be even more misleading. People goes abroad every day, people seek more appropriate job all the time, what's wrong with that? in this case, it happened to be that they are looking for it across countries. then what makes them ilegal?
what makes them illegal, is that something, or someone identify them as "unexpected workers"
or unidentified workers,who's to blame? the guy who got the power in extra-territorial authorization, why don't these guy's ability to move in labor market was -whatsoever the means-, happened to be somewhat undetected ?

Third,let's say, I'm rich, I work in highly reputable company with high salary, should I stop searching jobs?. well, could be, but if I'm trying to get more salary, with a more reputable company, should that considered to be wrong?.

Their conclusion seems to be kinda odd for me, since they are assuming as if the country is rich, people should not look for jobs somewhere else,I would say, mind you!, if people got richer than ever, they will look for something else..that's stated in qur'an, and as long as it's halal, nothing's wrong with it..even the first man on earth got the same problem, no? I mean,seeing that we all his descendents and all, that's probably human nature.

and so why blaming economist? should you blame the immigration people instead? having those actively demanded labor, constrained in the borders, forcing them to jump over the fence, without adequate papers on their hands

the sad thing is, the guy saying this hold an economist title in his e-mail, funny he?


mulia said...

i honestly don't understand what your friends' premises that leads them to such hypothesis. kok nyalahin TKI???

it's like this simply because our population grows faster than our development.

but i am not malthusian. i suggest people to go abroad and work. dont complain and just be realistic.

ah, Indonesian complain too much.

Rajawali Muda said...

yes yes yes...
could not agree more..

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