Nice writing from a first year student

I consider This a sincere and honest writing of a first year student in FEUI in the jakarta post, I found it very nice and encouraging. I share the same awkward feeling when I was taught by Mme Sri mulyani, it was my third year on advanced macroeconomics and it keeps me survive up to the very moment.


Mulia said...

he eh. keren ya bo. reading other people's perspective, no matter good or bad, kids or oldies, man or woman, makes us have better understanding ye.

soale gue jadi mikir, pantesan anak UI pada narsis ma kampusnye. wajar lah. huehehehe.

btw di, it's
but it's not a blog written for just anybody. lemme know if ur interested to post comment once in a while. i'll make u an account.

Rajawali Muda said...

okay mul, many thanks..keren kok blog nya, ntar deh gua baru mulai blogwalking lagi setelah rada settle down..

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