Welfare = cheap gasoline ? mind you Mr.Expert

This is what happen when you define people's welfare and optimal consumption by your own subjective thinking. oh yes, some expert (was) from the constitutional court prefer to say that welfare is cheap gasoline and no other else. Great just great!, now I know why they don't really know what they are talking about.

the only thing they understand about welfare is that gasoline is cheap, end of story. Yeah right and why all the best welfare state in the world had their gasoline prices even higher than the international market? (which means taxing it instead of subsidizing in scandinavia!) You say they don't have oil reserves? nope, they had lot's of oil all over them, they just choose something better to do than oil subsidy, like perfect health service, technology and education support. And they are on the way of liberty as they learned lesson from their 70's mistakes.

people should stop saying things they don't understand. that's pure logic.


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