Selamat jalan mba winefrida...

Indonesia has just lost one of her prominent researcher in poverty research. Mba Wina (Winefrida Widyanti) of SMERU, passed away on 23th may 2008, I received the first hand sad news from her colleague, a friend of mine. This is a very shocking news for me, even though I do not know much about Mba Wina, we do communicate intensely by mail, due to data analysis consultations, and indeed she had given me an enourmous help on my thesis work, plus priceless advices and encouragement from a researcher in her level. Once I asked her about regional poverty line calculation, and her respond was copying the poverty line details from a book, to a word document, so that she could put it in an attachement for me. This incredible deed is something that I will not forget. May god bless you for your kindness mba wina.
Her papers have been refered by many prominent researcher in poverty level including Martin Ravallion and Jotsyna Jalan, her work on poverty research is a major stepping stone in poverty research in Indonesia.
selamat jalan mba wina, smoga amal ibadah mbak wina di balas dengan berlipat ganda.
28 may 2008


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