Bernanke, we'll be watching you...

For those get bored with monetary economics books like me, the song must be a great start to read it all over again. Somehow it reminds me of the seminar class of Anwar nasution, the class where people shut their mouth, the class where we learn that being risk lover will end up pretty bad.

for those who share the same class with me, guys, remember when he was bragging about the CBS system? (in this video this is also the abreviation of Columbia business school)

for those who doesn't know anything about the beauty of Pak Anwar, should understand better by seeing this post

by the way please enjoy the video, tribute to dhira for the link, absolutely hilarious


fithra faisal hastiadi said...

Gile ancur abis, your mocking "the Man" here.

Yes, the song did remind me of the good old days. I remember When AN shouted for the students as if they were cattle. Yo AN the man

Rajawali Muda said...

I am not mocking anyone fit..
"the man" you meant just now's bernanke or AN? actually bro, I love both of them, I like the no match sarcasm of AN, and I love the bad news good news theory of bernanke. it's just a very funny video,...and a very creative ones.

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