The "Ujian nasional "

In every controversies, there are always pros and cons, what really matter is the reason for being pros or being cons.Between this binomial choices there are smart reason to choose a side, and there are stupid reasons. This article shows both smart and stupid reasons to reject something or to condemn something, (in particular the " ujian nasional"), the final exam for high school students, conducted nation wide. I'll let you to choose which one is smart, and which one is stupid. For me, personally, reasoning in condemning something, should also contains the solution, at least some suggestion for the better act in the future. The act of condemning something, without appropriate reasons nor reasonable solutions, are much worse then the one who actually made mistakes in the first place.

the final exam itself is a bad incentives stimulant, stick and carrots would not be able to work efficiently as long as the agent and the principal has diverse and contradicting objective. The fact that strict exam might undermine the prestige of schools, as most of the students probably failed, the agent-principal problem, is a way that a principal ask an agent to do something for the expense of his utility, and compensate it in the future, the problem won't be solved by giving bad names to schools and giving extra credit to the successful ones, this in fact distracts the incentives, as people will force to cheat, when the first mover will profited from it.

the problem is, one, the principal can not always been able to supervise the schools, and therefore, they need some other carrots for other success indicators. In addition, we need to lay off bad assumption and stupid paradigma, as the failure in the sacred national exam is the end of the world. In france, similar exam take place, it is called le bacalaureat (bac in short) some says, it's so brutal and demanding, especially in aljabar, and mathematics. People who managed to overcome it, in flying collours, will be awarded by cheap cost of study up to PhD level, the grades are not very important.

Those who were not able to get Bac level, will still get jobs, it's not the end of the world. They normally work as rough workers, field technician, etc. Which promise quite attractive remunerations (in relative terms). To eliminate the incentive to cheat, I think we need to change our paradigma, leaving university is not a shame, it's an opportunity, those who are able to pass the final exam should be able to get the high school diplome, however, still they could not get higher education without passing it first. those who doesn't pursue their education has better things to do, working, those who pursue another level of education are those who in the end will become low level managers, junior consultant, etc. This is what I really meant about carrots, the incentives now divided in two hierarchy, higher level of income of education in the future, or lower income but more time to develop experience. The ujian nasional should not circumcise the opportunity of students, instead, giving them choices, with clear consequences


M said...

setuju bo. gue juga mikir sistem gt cerdas. jadi ujian untuk masuk level ttt. setelah lulus, dikasih seryifikat y menyatakan udah pernah ikut kelas berapa kali/berapa jam. kita boleh drop di level ttt, yang penting udah ddapet sertifikat attending courses berapa jam gt. tapi kalo mau nyambung ke level lain lagi, ikut test lagi.

gue amazed banget tuh ma sistem bgtu. i hink it's so smart.

link bbc gak tau, belom nyari. g liat di europe

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